You’ve found your way to our community, so now we want to help you find your way around all of the resources we have for you here!  Whether you use this as a starting point or a reference point to come back to every now and then, its worth taking the time to check out some of the information we have to set yourself up for success.

All of the daily workouts we publish with workout descriptions, modifications and tips. Our at home bodyweight and dumbbell versions of the workouts are also published here.

Extra Programs to help you work on your weaknesses or even special programs to help you perform at your best. All included in our workout tracking app WodUp.

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Mobility and Maintainance (coming soon). Here you will find a specific videos and exercises to ease those sore muscles or even ways to mobilise and optimise muscle groups.

How do I book in for classes?

Booking in for classes is easy. We use the Member’s app availbale for ios and android. We highly reccommend members to book in for class as all classes are capped at 10. Check out the video to learn how to reserve your spot in a class. If you are having trouble loggin in email us hello@thewallfitness.co.nz

How do I track my workouts?

We place high value on logging all workouts that you do. You don’t measure it, you don’t realise how far you have come. We use WodUp a workout tracking tool available for free for all our members. 

First, go to Wodup.com and register a username and password. It will then ask you for the gym code which is 1827.  Watch the video to learn how to use the app. 



  • We highly encourage modifying and substituting movements where needed. Make the workout work for you. For example, if running is not an option, you can row or bike or even skip. Always make sure you are moving well before applying intensity or more load.
  • Some weightlifting and gymnastics movements can be difficult to wrap your head around. Our advice here is to be patient. It took us upto a year to figure out how to do these movements ourselves. As long as you focus on moving correctly, before lifting heavy you are on the right path. If would like some extra assistance with any movement, please feel free to ask any one of our coaches for help.
  • We want you to learn about the how, why and what goes into our programing so periodically we will have an update session for our members to give you an insight to what’s coming up!
  • We are here to help. If you have any questions about anything feel free to email hello@thewallfitness.co.nz  or ask it on our facebook group.



Coming soon!



Note that it is not compulsory to purchase these items, but it will vastly improve your wokrout experience. All the gear listed can be purchased at Industrial Athletic or any other sporting goods stores like Rebel Sport.

Skipping Rope

While we have skipping ropes available to use, it is best to have your own that you can customise to your individual height. You don’t want to end up with a rope either too short or too long.


There are plenty of ‘CrossFit’ shoes out there on the market, so try before you buy. Just remember that you want to be able to everything in them (run, squat, jump, etc). If you are looking for budget options, look for something that has a flat-ish heel and feels comfortable running in.

Wrist Wraps

These are a wrsit saver. Majority of the weightlifting and gymnastics movements we program in class involves a lot of pressing. As a result, our wrists can take a lot of beating. Invest in pair and your wrists will thank you in the long run.

Palm Guards or Gloves

Do you really need these ? The day you start doing any sort exercise hanging from the pull up bar, you will figure out pretty easily whether you need them or not. When you start to perform any kipping motion your hand rotates on the bar or rings. This creates friction between skin and steel and eventually will break down the skin on your hands. We also down like people bleeding on our equipment 😉

Knee Sleeves

If you have dodgy knees and or like lifitng heavy, then knee sleeves a great way to protect your knees. They specifically engineered to provide support and ease stress during high intensity workouts. Knee sleeve compression supports are an investment, but for most people its worth the bit of extra money for long term knee health. They come in two types of thickness: 5mm and 7mm. Most use 5mm but it is best to try them on to see which one feels better for you 


Our mission is to inspire and empower you to become a better human, both mentally and physically, so you can return home gratfied at the end of the day.